Formal STEM programming began at Saint Mary School in 2013 with the installation of our very first dedicated STEM Lab facility.  This facility features a full classroom size work room that will help students explore, play, and inquire about the various topics within STEM. 

In a push by the nation's leading industries to bring about a deeper understanding of scientific concepts, STEM has become a popular concept within schools, but many have not yet embraced a fully integrated approach as we have done at Saint Mary.  The STEM curriculum is in a constant state of change as new research, ideas, and programs are introduced.  All students grades K-8 participate in formal STEM Education courses. 

What Is STEM?

What Is STEM?

"... The only person who is educated is the one who has learned how to learn and change."

-Carl Rogers

STEM Facilitator
Our STEM facilitator leads students through the various disciplines of STEM.  They continue to research and develop new ideas to present to students and integrate into the already action-packed curriculum offered at Saint Mary. 

Mrs. Kelli Blakeslee
Grades K-8